Rise of the Sewer Rats

Encounter 1

After a long day at their respective jobs, Ilnorin, Brice, and Sharkŭ enjoy a nice night at the local tavern. Brice tried to drink away his stress while Ilnorin was keeping tabs on the conversations around him, trying to gather as much information as possible. As Sharkŭ stared down the only other person at their table, a woman in the back shrieked and bolted out of the room. There was a rat by her foot. Suddenly, the cellar door burst open as a dozen rats swarmed the bar. The party quickly jumped into combat, disposing of all but 2 of the rats. The barkeep frightenedly asked the party to go down into the cellar and slay all of the rats for 10 gp. The trio stormed the cellar, discovering an opening to the sewer system, containing even more rats; some of larger sizes. In between the rodent-slaying, Ilnorin discovered a chest containing 2 vials of yellow liquid, 10 gp, and a strange circular emblem. Worrying about their wounds, the party grabbed the vials and the gp and ran back upstairs. While in the safety of the tavern the party decided to rest for the night and heal their wounds. After a lot of rest and some strange, rejuvenating concoctions from the local herbalist, the party was ready for more. They once again charged through the sewers and discovered a shrine of a gargoyle, holding up a sphere with a circular impression in it. Next to the shrine was a furry humanoid creature, as it ran off into the next room. Following the strange creature, the party discovered a large room filled with an army of rats. After a long battle against the rats and their master, Brice was finally able to slay the humanoid creature. As its organs spilled onto the sewer floor, he shouted “I’m sorry master! I failed you!”. In the aftermath of the battle, the party searched the room for any more rats and anything of interest to pocket. Sharkŭ found in the corner 600 gp that smelled worse than the sewer itself. Hesitantly, the party decided to split the gp evenly amoungst themselves and went back upstairs for their reward.


AlexBurch AlexBurch

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