Krenko's Mob

Encounter 2

While Shannon was dancing, a shifty goblin quickly ran up and grabbed a handful of the silver she had earned. She quickly gave chase, but unfortunately, the goblin was too quick for her. As he turned a corner, Shannon was able to get a glimpse of a metallic medallion hanging from his neck. Defeated, she turned back and asked around about the goblin. Discovering that the only goblins in the area were the Ironheart Goblins, Shannon ran over to the tavern to meet up with Sharkŭ and Ilnorin. The three of them discussed an emblem that the party had found a couple of nights ago in the sewers under the tavern, hoping it would be similar to the one hanging from the goblin’s neck. Sharkŭ was able to convince the barkeep to let them back into the sewers to check out the emblem. Upon further inspection, Shannon realized that the emblem was a perfect fit for the gargoyle statue’s impression. She quickly pushed it into place, causing the sphere to shoot out flames towards the door. Unfortunately Sharkŭ and Shannon were not as quick as Ilnorin and got singed by the flames. With nowhere else to go, the party turned back and exited the tavern, meeting up with Brice. After the party filled him in, Brice started asking around for a guide to Castle Ironheart. Luckily, they found someone on their way through the Dark Plains and he let the party tag along for free. Once they reached the castle, the party looked around for anything out of the ordinary. Ilnorin quickly noticed a tripwire in front of the bridge to the castle. Confident in their notice of the easy trap, the party charged ahead, not noticing the pressure plate of the secondary trap. Suddenly, the four of them were catapulted through the air, into the river below. While submerged in the water, Shannon spotted three crocodiles in between the party and the shoreline. As the battle to the shore ensued, one of the crocodiles bit down on Sharkŭ’s head, knocking her unconscious. The party panically attacked the remaining crocodiles while trying to keep Sharkŭ’s head above water. After killing the last crocodile, Shannon and Brice dragged Sharkŭ to the shore and were able to stabilize her after a couple of attempts. Meanwhile, Ilnorin gathered herbs and made a couple of potions to get her strength back.
With Sharkŭ on the mend, the group charged ahead, kicking down the door to the castle courtyard. Inside they found a large group of goblins just standing there. Sharkŭ threatened the goblins to return everything they’ve stolen or pay the price. One of the goblins smirked at her and said “What are you gonna do about it?”. Ilnorin decided that the only proper response to such a question was to shoot him in the head. The goblins easily outnumbered the party. When it looked like they were all about to fall, their elven friend, Dino, came charging through the gates, furious with another goblin stealing from her. With her on their side, the tides had turned and the party was victorious, but just barely. The party decided to turn back and heal up in Lygos. After a good night’s rest, they headed back to Castle Ironheart. When they arrived at the castle, they cautiously approached the castle doors, noting that no one was guarding the courtyard gates. Once again, the party burst down the doors to a large group of goblins. Sharkŭ roared at them and the goblins all fled in terror. The party pushed through and eventually found their way to the timeworn main chamber. Once again, Sharkŭ tried terrorizing the goblins into fleeing in terror. This time, a deeper voiced goblin on a riding dog from way across the chamber barked some orders and the rest stood their ground. After eliminating all of the goblins, all that was left was Krenko. He put up a good fight, but even he was no match for 4 on 1. He begged for his life in exchange for 500gp and a magical item, but the party also wanted him to stop thieving; something he was not willing to give up. He dropped a vial of alchemist’s fire on the party and tried to escape, but Dino quickly stabbed him with her rapier. Ultimately, the blood loss got to him, and he fell. His riding dog escaped, but the party was able to quite a bit of loot from the castle, including the small magical morningstar that he offered for his life. With the castle emptied, the party claimed it as their own.


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